Thanksgiving photos

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, surrounded by friends and family!

It’s holiday tradition in my household for me to cook. I somehow never got out of it! Even in college, I used to do my annual “Pseudo Thanksgiving” the day before we all left to go home. Some of my college friends couldn’t go home because it was too far away–so I would cook a big Thanksgiving day feast on Wednesday and have everyone over.

This year, Thanksgiving Day was a small gathering. My father is gluten-free, so I started out by making gluten-free pancakes with lemon-whipped cream, creamy scrambled eggs, hash browns and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Then came dinner. Some years, I start cooking two or three days before Thanksgiving Day, but since it was a smaller gathering this year, everything was easy one-day prep.

The menu:

Radishes with cold English butter, lemon zest and sea salt.
Stuffed artichokes

Roast herb-citrus chicken (yes, chicken–no one in my family eats turkey)
with pan gravy
Sage, mushroom and sausage stuffing
Honey glazed carrots
Baked potatoes

Sweet potato pie
Apple crumble with homemade vanilla bean ice cream

Here are some highlights:

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